My name is Tobias Gayer and I was born in Feldkirch. I grew up in the beautiful village of Frastanz, where I went to Primary School. Afterwards I visited the Gymnasium Rebberggasse in Feldkirch. When I was 6-years old I already knew that I wanted to go to the HTL Rankweil, because I was very talented in crafts. Happily my dream came true and I was accepted in the HTL Rankweil. Although the following 5-years weren’t as easy as I imagined, my efforts paid off and I managed to graduate from school. During the time in the HTL I got passionated in the topic of photography. Currently I am studying at the FH Vorarlberg in Dornbirn. I am in a bachelor degree course called 'Intermedia'. There I am learning everything from audio via photography through to typography. ​ In addition to university, five friends of mine and I organise an event called drippin'. The drippin' series is now nearly three years old and very successful in Vorarlberg and Vienna.

Hi, I'm T!

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